• Prof. Graham Weale – Energy Consultant, Expert Witness and Guest Speaker on Energy Transitions


Prof. Weale is a highly sought-after and inspiring keynote speaker. He is particularly appreciated for his cross-country insights and ability to get to the heart of matters and confront his audience with inconvenient truths.

Over recent years he has been a keynote or guest speaker in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and US (California, Arizona and Washington DC). Engagements he has undertaken are listed below.

2021: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • Wirtschaftsrat (Economic wing of the German conservative party) – June 2021
    Die Herausforderung des Klimaziels 2030 und der Betrag der Fernwärme (The challenge of the 2030 climate goal and the contribution of district heating.)
  • Chaire European Electricity Markets, Université Paris- Dauphine – June 2021
    Can an Energy-Only Market fully remunerate investment? Empirical evidence since 2005
  • Wirtschaftsrat – Sept. 2021
    Das Dilemma des Gewährleistungsstaates: Klimaneutralität und Grundrechte
    (The dilemma of the guarantee state – climate neutrality and fundamental rights)
  • Wasserstoff als Chance für das Ruhrgebiet – Ruhr Universität Allianz – Nov. 2021
    Wirtschaftliche und vertragliche Herausforderungen der Wasserstoff-versorgung
    (Economic and contractual challenges for hydrogen)
    Ausgewählte industrielle Wasserstoffprojekte – notwendige Voraussetzungen und realistische Fahrpläne
    (Selected industrial hydrogen projects – necessary conditions and realistic outlook)
2020: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • Euler Hermes (Finance Institute) Client Webinar – Feb. 2020
    Energy Transitions in the EU and US – implications for financial investors
  • GLG – Webinar for Financial Clients Mar. 2020
    Impact of Covid-19 on the Energy Industry
  • ENLIT – Client Webinar – Aug. 2020
    Optimised market design for energy transitions – meeting goals at lowest cost
  • DFBEW (German French Office for the Energy Transitions) – Nov. 2020
    Keynote speaker – How to rise Europe’s climate ambitions for 2030
  • Slovenia Industry Association – Slovenia – Nov. 2020
    Keynote speaker: The German Laboratory– Decarbonisation of Heavy Industry
  • EL Cano Real Instituto, Madrid – Client Webinar – Nov. 2020
    The EU Green Deal – A Reality Check
2019: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • France Stratégie (Prime Ministers’ Office) – Mar. 2020
    Guest speaker – Optimised power market design
  • GLG Series of Client Webinars for Financial investors: Sep. – Oct. 2019
    Energy Transitions in EU and US compared
    Financing firm capacity
    Renewables financing
    The EU Emissions Trading System and Carbon Pricing
  • Chaire Electricité, Paris – Sep. 2019
    Keynote speaker – A power market design fit for the future
2018: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • DENA (German Energy Association) – Dialogforum on Electricity Storage Apr. 2018
    The right market design for storage
  • PWC – Client Meeting on Distributed Generation, Madrid – May 2018
    Smart tariff design
  • Ireland Energy Conference, Dublin – June 2018
    Keynote Speaker – Energy Transitions – lessons from other EU and US States
  • Platts EU Power Summit, Düsseldorf – Sep. 2018
    Guest speaker – Understanding the risks in the power sector
2017: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • Wind Europe Finance Meeting, Brussels – Jan. 2017
    Clean Energy Package – need for rethinking and its relevance for wind
  • IBE (Institute for Mining and Energy Law) Annual Meeting, Bochum – Mar. 2017
    Investment in power plants – reasons, risk and sharing and contribution to the Energiewende
  • PWC Utility Bootcamp, Rome – May 2017
    Power Market Design – trends in Germany and Europe
  • AREL (Leading Italian Think Tank), Rome – May 2017
    Guest Speaker – The German Energiewende – a Titanic battle between policies and markets
  • Swiss Nuclear Forum Annual Meeting, Zürich – May 2017
    Guest Speaker – The Limits of the wholesale power market and the need for a new design
  • Eurelectric, Brussels – June 2017
    Future power market design – challenges and objectives
  • Euro Chlor Annual Meeting, Antwerp – Sep. 2017
    Guest Speaker – The importance of robust policies for the future of the European chemicals industry
  • Université Dauphine, Paris – Sep 2017
    A new cost-reflective tariff structure for sustainable investment in the power sector
  • PWC Round Table, Brussels – Oct 2017
    Requirements for a well-functioning market – power compared with other industrial sectors
  • Les Entretiens Européens, Brussels – Oct. 2017
    Nuclear Competitiveness
2016: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • IHS Conference – New Year Briefing, Frankfurt – Jan. 2016
    The importance of interest rates and the
    Chinese economy for the German energy
    market since 2011
  • Real Instituto Elcano (Leading Spanish Think Tank), Madrid – Feb 2016
    Guest Speaker – EU Energy Transitions compared
  • IFRI, (French Institute for Foreign Relations), Brussels – Mar 2016
    Vital policy foundations for future electric utilities
  • Smart Energies Summit, Paris – June 2016
    Keynote Speaker – Comparisons of the French ‘Projet de Loi’ with other Energy Transitions
  • Wind Europe, Hamburg – Sep. 2016
    Wind Park LCOE’s in the context of the power market
  • IEA Electricity Security Advisory Panel Meeting, Paris – Oct. 2016
    Future of fossil fuels in the power sector
  • Foratum Annual Conference, Brussels – Dec. 2016
    Guest Speaker – Refocussing the Clean Energy Package to prepare for electrification
2015: Conference / Location / Date
Title of Speech
  • American Public Power Association CEO Meeting, Phoenix (Arizona) –Mar. 2015
    Guest Speaker – Lessons from the German Energiewende for the US Power Industry
  • Université Dauphine (Chaire Eléctricité), Paris –Mar 2015
    Guest Speaker – Lessons from the US Power Industry and the New York REV Plan
  • Flame Gas Conference, Amsterdam – Apr. 2015
    Keynote Speaker: Energy Efficiency – impact on Gas Demand and the Utility Response
  • Platts European Power Summit, London – Apr. 2015
    Keynote Speaker: Energy Efficiency – Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Utilities
  • Energy Efficiency Global Forum, Washington DC – May 2015
    Energy Efficiency – The Dual Role for Utilities and Governments
  • Bergen Energy Conference, Bergen – May 2015
    German Energiewende
  • Chatham House (Leading UK Think Tank), London – June 2015
    European State Aid Policy – Impact on Energy Industries
  • Wirtschaftsrat (Conservative Party Economic Council), Düsseldorf – Nov. 2015
    Opportunities and risks for energy suppliers in times of transition
  • Handelsblatt Konjunkturgipfel (Economic Summit), Berlin – Dec. 2015
    The significance of interest rate policies and the Chinese economy for the energy markets
  • European Power Summit, Prague – Dec. 2015
    US and EU Energy Transitions compared