• Prof. Graham Weale – Energy Consultant, Expert Witness and Guest Speaker on Energy Transitions

123The following university lectures Prof. Weale delivers to master students are available (with suitable modification) for executive coaching and in-house company training.

Key concepts taught running through the lectures are:

  • Calculation of fixed and variable costs for energy plants and their role in decision making (includes discounted cash flows and annuities)
  • How and where competition takes place along the supply chain
  • The interaction between economics, policy and technology
  • How markets work in practice
  • Decarbonising at the lowest cost

Client training

  • Introduction to the basics of energy: What determines demand and fuel mix? The energy supply chain. Properties of different types of energy.
  • Rudiments of energy tehnology inc. fossil fuel production.
  • c

  • How to move the world to zero-carbon energy – regulations, incentives, societal pressures and corporate responsibility; how to monitor progress
  • Decision-taking – short-run and long-run costs to build plants, invest in efficiency, to change consumption in total or by type. Life-cycle costs and emissions. Includes discount rates, NPV etc.
  • Energy prices and markets along chain and role of taxation/surcharges (includes OPEC etc); include transport costs
  • Energy efficiency and reducing demand
  • Carbon pricing and emissions trading
  • Renewable technology, costs, integration and support schemes
  • Hydrogen technology and costs
  • Energy storage and costs: batteries, gas, oil, pumped storage, oil and gas storage
  • Fossil fuel production and markets
  • Power markets and renewables / firm capacity remuneration
  • Completing the task: Decarbonising three end-use sectors

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