• Prof. Graham Weale – Energy Consultant, Expert Witness and Guest Speaker on Energy Transitions

Executive Coaching

The following topics are based on Prof. Weale’s lectures to university M.Sc students. They are specially designed for those new to the energy sector or requiring the latest knowledge in specific areas e.g. carbon pricing, power markets and industry decarbonisation.

Prof. Weale also offers one-to-one coaching for senior executives and government officials

Key concepts taught running through the lectures are:

  • Calculation of fixed and variable costs for energy plants and their role in decision making
  • How and where competition takes place along the supply chain
  • The interaction between economics, policy and technology
  • How markets work in practice

List of subjects available

  • The basics of energy: demand by sector and fuel mix; the energy supply chain; properties of different energy types
  • Rudiments of energy technology
  • Moving to zero-carbon energy; regulations, incentives, and societal pressures and corporate responsibility; monitoring progress
  • Decision-taking – short-run costs for plant dispatching and long-run costs for investment decisions
  • Energy prices and markets along chain and role of taxation/surcharges
  • Energy efficiency and reducing demand
  • Carbon pricing and emissions trading
  • Renewable technology, costs, integration, and support schemes
  • Hydrogen technology and costs
  • Energy storage and costs: batteries, gas, oil, pumped storage, oil and gas storage
  • Fossil fuel production and markets
  • Electricity markets along the supply chain