Veröffentlichungen in Energiezeitschriften oder von führenden europäischen Think Tanks

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Studien für die Europäische Kommission

Energy and Transport Statistical Review (2004 & 2005)
The Future Roll of Long-Term Gas Contracts (2003)
The impact of natural gas market opening (2002)

Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates (WEFA) : Multi-client Studien:

Utility Liberalisation – Risk Management and Maximising Returns (1998)
Refining in the context of other Process Industries (1998)
European Gas Storage in Europe – Future Needs and Commercial Aspects (1998)
Liberalisation of the Continental Gas Markets (1997)
The Public Distribution Sector for Gas in Europe (1996)
Future of European Gas/Power Retail and Distribution Companies (1992)
European Gas Markets after Troll (1987)

DRI-McGraw Hill Multi-client Studien:

Global Coal Market Outlook (1986)
Market for European motor fuels with the introduction of unleaded petrol (1985)
Prospects for Natural Gas in Europe (1984)