Prof. Weale is a highly sought-after and inspiring keynote speaker and moderator of conferences. He is particularly appreciated for his cross-country insights and ability to get to the heart of matters and confront his audience with inconvenient truths.


Over recent years he has been a keynote or guest speaker in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK and US (California, Arizona and Washington DC). Engagements he has undertaken are listed below.


Conference / Date Title of Speech
Slovenian Energy Transitions Conference Guest Speaker: European Backdrop to the Slovenian Energy Transitions
Chaire Electricité Université Paris Dauphine – 2019 Reducing the consumer costs of electricity through maximum use of debt financing
France Stratégie (Prime Minister’s Strategic Planning Office) – 2019 Optimal market design
Platts European Power Summit – 2018 Risks in power sector and optimal market design
Ireland Energy Conference – 2018 Guest Speaker: Energy Transitions – lessons from other EU and US States
Deutsche Energie Agentur – 2018 Market-orientated design – power market fit for the future
Nuklearforum Schweiz annual meeting – 2017 Guest Speaker: The limits of the wholesale market and the need for a new market design
Eurelectric conference on Market Design – 2017 Future power market design – challenges and objectives
EuroChlor Annual Meeting – 2017 Guest Speaker: The importance of robust policies for the future of the European chemicals industry
AREL (Leading Think Tank in Italy) – 2017 The German Energiewende – a titanic battle between energy policies and markets.
Foratom (European Nuclear Power Assocation) annual meeting – 2016 Refocusing the Clean Energy Package to prepare the way for Electrification
IEA Electricity Supply Advisory Project, Paris – 2016 Ongoing importance of coal and gas in Europe
Wind Europe, Hamburg – 2016 The relevance of LCOEs in the Energy Markets
Smart Energies Summit, Paris – 2016 Keynote: The French Proejt de Loi compared with other Energy Transitions
IFRI (French Institute for International Relations), Brussels – Mar. 2016 Keynote: Vital Policy Foundations for Future Electric Utilities
French Prime Ministers’ Office, Paris – 2016 Guest speaker: EU and US Energy Transitions Compared
Real Instituto Elcano (Leading Spanish Think Tank), Madrid – 2016 Guest speaker: EU and US Energy Transitions Compared
IHS New Year Briefing, Frankfurt – 2016 Guest speaker: Relevance of Interest Rate Policy for the Energy Markets since 2012
Handelsblatt Konjunkturgipfel (Economic Summit), Berlin – 2015 Relevance of Interest Rate Policy for the Energy Markets since 2011
European Power Generation Summit, Prague – 2015 EU and US Energy Transitions Compared (Also conference moderator)
Wirtschaftsrat (German Conservative Part Economic Council), Düsseldorf Industry Club – 2015 Chances and Risks for Energy Companies in Times of Transitions
Coaltrans Conference, Madrid – 2015 The Ongoing Importance of Coal in Europe
GE Thought-Leaders’ Meeting, Berlin – 2015 Innovation right along the utility value chain
St. Gallen University Workshop – 2015 Uncertainty in the context of power companies
Chatham House (Leading UK Think Tank), London – 2015 European State Aid Policy – Impact on Energy Industries
Energy Efficiency Global Forum, Washington DC –2015 Energy Efficiency – The Dual Role for Utilities and Governments
Platts European Power Summit, London –2015 Keynote: Energy Efficiency – Challenges and Opportunities for Electric Utilities
Flame Gas Conference Amsterdam – 2015 Keynote: Energy Efficiency – impact on Gas Demand and the Utility Response
Université Paris-Dauphine (Chaire Eléctricité), Paris – 2015 Guest Speaker – Lessons from the US Power Industry and the New York REV Plan
American Public Power Association CEO Meeting, Arizona – 2015 Guest Speaker – Lessons from the German Energiewende for the US Power Industry
European Power Generation Summit, Amsterdam –2014 Keynote: Will the Power Industry function based on Market Principles?
US Conservation Law Foundation, Washington DC – 2014 The Germany Energiewende and the EU 2050 Roadmap – Industry Insights
Clingendael (Leading Dutch Think Tank) Master Class, The Hague – 2014 European Energy Transitions – Challenges for Governments and Utilities
Wirtschaftsrat (Conservative Party Economic Council), Düsseldorf Industry Club – 2014 Guest Speaker – The Energiewende after reform of the renewables law
IEA Electricity Supply Advisory Project, Paris – 2014 Utility of the Future
Hearing before the French Senate, Paris – 2014 Principal witness – The German Energiewende – objectives, difficulties and reforms
AREL (Leading Italian Think Tank; former Prime Minister presided) – 2014 Guest speaker – German Energiewende
IFRI (French Institute for International Relations), Brussels –2014 Diagnosis of today’s problems and solutions for the future
Flame Risk Management Conference, Amsterdam – 2014 Keynote: Risks for the power sector – learning from the past and preparing for the future
Californian Public Utility Commission, Thought-leaders Meeting, San Francisco – 2014 Who does it better – California or Germany?
OMIE (Spanish Grid) International Workshop, Madrid – Apr. 2014 The German Energiewende and the Future of Market-based Approaches
Platt’s European Power Summit, Berlin –2014 Keynote: Transition of the German Utilities: increasing emphasis on the service side
French Association of Energy Economists, Paris –2014 Guest speaker – European Policy Perspectives: The Five Large EU Countries
IEFE Bocconi University – 2014 Refocussing Europe’s Energy Agenda