Prof. Graham Weale, a recognised authority on energy markets with over 40 years’ experience, offers high-level services to the energy industry, its suppliers, government ministries and politicians.


Graham Weale was appointed Honorary Professor of Energy Economics at the Ruhr University Bochum in 2015.


Between 2007 and 2016 Weale was Chief Economist at RWE AG, Germany’s largest power generator and helped navigate the company through the German Energiewende. He therefore has extensive insight into the operations, challenges and political pressures on large European power companies operating a range of power plants in different countries.


Beforehand he was Director of European Services for Global Insight (now CERA and part of IHS Markit), one of the world’s leading energy and economic consultancies. At Global Insight he covered gas and coal extensively and was frequently engaged as an Expert Witness at high-profile gas contract arbitrations. He began his energy career with ExxonMobil in supply and refining. He has a physics degree from Oxford University, and an MBA.


Particular areas of expertise:


  • How the power market works in practice and plants recover their investment costs
  • Power market design at the wholesale and consumer level
  • Energy Transitions – approaches of different EU and US States
  • Financing of Energy Transitions and Risk Allocation
  • Alternative energy paths to decarbonisation in 2050 – roles of new technology
  • Energy economics in practice – what the textbooks leave out
  • Investor and consumer decision-taking along the energy supply chain – consequences for demand and prices
  • Fossil fuel supply and economics
  • Renewables energy support schemes
  • The European Emissions Trading Scheme and Carbon Taxes